How to Gain Free Publicity As a Real Estate Agent

It is very important to gain access to free publicity and media mileage especially if you are a real estate agent. The market is just full of agents like you and many of them are enjoying publicity stints. Whether you admit it or not, most buyers initially trust and contact agents who are always heard of or quoted in media news reports.

Here are several guidelines that could help you ramp up and gain free publicity on your own. Most of the time, you have to rely on yourself and your own abilities and skills to attract media and market attention.

Think creatively. To be able to gain or access free publicity, why not join the media? You could volunteer to host a weekly community radio talk show discussing real estate concerns and issues. By doing so, you could practically get free air time. If getting your own show is not feasible, at least try to book any spot as a guest on other radio personality’s show.

Use your writing skills. You could emphasize your expertise as a real estate agent by writing articles and contributions for several local, regional, national, and even international trade publications. If you are among those agents who are not very comfortable about your writing ability, you could always hire a freelance property writer to act as your own ghost writer.

If you decide to use writing as a tool to organize and access free publicity, you could try out several strategies. First, write a letter to newspaper editors containing your comments and valid opinion about timely real estate stories. Second, submit opinion columns discussing timely topics on opinion pages of magazines and newspapers. To do so, call an editor first so you could pitch the idea to do a column. Adhere to specific newspaper guidelines, word length requirement, and photo inclusion policies. Third, contribute articles to print newsletters, e-magazines, and even blogs.

You could also make your own blog. It is not very tedious and hard especially these days. You could dedicate your entire blog to real estate or to promotion of your real estate firm and properties. Some of the best real estate blogs are those offering sellers and buyers information and insights about the industry. Do not forget to feature interesting photographs and videos to boost the potential of your Website.

Use your public speaking skills to gain attention and free publicity. You could serve as a resource speaker in a convention or even a simple event where real estate professionals are needed. At the end of your speech, some of your audience might contact you for possible businesses or transactions. You could also conduct free seminars or classes about practical home selling and home buying skills. It is also ideal to contact television and radio stations to inform that you are always welcoming invitations if they need comments and quotations from within the real estate industry. Polish your effective speaking skills so you could hit the mark.

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